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Monday, June 26th, 2006
8:36 pm
"A girl like me" - The Murder of Gwen Araujo

"The Murder Of Gwen Araujo"  (Revised)


ter reading recent news article about it today on http://www.gay.com

It is lamentable that such a horrendous and undignified act happened and it can still happen in this world.

With so many prejudiced/biased, benighted, demagogic, hypocritical Leaders and their misogynous, unfair, obsolete, inhumane, ignorant mythologies which they call religions and they - the religions do steadfastly lobby their Governments with intent to make their biased unethical, immoral, inhuman, unfair agendas into the Laws of/for the Land for all...

Whether freaking hypocrites like Popes who hate GLBTI- whose Christian staff is made out of a great number of Gay priests, Gay bishops, etc...

Or simply how about plain bad Presidents who sell their own countries and their own people down the river and to ruin in favour of their own pockets and the foreign interests who keep on filling them up...http://www.jaimesite.homestead.com/gwenaraujo.html

Or decadent Royalty whose main concern is to enjoy life, live large, look pretty and sassy while their own people and their own lands get ruined, dying and suffering under the cruel slashes of the mis-managed economy, the unfair commerce/trade and the murdered national industry on favour of/to foreign, cheap labour.

No wonder that the socio-religio-politico conditioned/programmed to be ignorant and not-well-informed herd, the very people in general will at times act like fierce Monsters towards each other and committing atrocities, terrible crimes alike as this one against Gwen Araujo.

My kind thoughts are with Gwen Araujo's family and supporters.

Whether you may call her Eddy, Lida or Gwen, she was a woman at heart, in her soul and none of the extreme and cruel hatred and crime against her will ever ever steal that from her.

They took her life out of her body but they could never take her soul!

I sincerely wish the criminals upon themselves, the ignorant, ruthless killers who have killed Gwen.

Homophobia and the hatred for anything different or for anybody different are a sickness manufactured by Religion and the Governments who bed these religions.

People ought to be put back to their place and reminded that they were born as babies and knew not of any biases nor any hatred for any differences in themselves nor in any other people.

It is the controlling arms of the big myths whose themes have been butchered and tailored time and time again by the powers-that-be to suit their biased, inhumane, unfair, unethical, immoral agendas.

People are fed from cradle to grave the same old lies whether they come from the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah or the Hindu Bible - the Vedas, or from Buddha's teachings, it is simply ridiculous and blantantly stupid/ignorant indeed.

Religions who call themselves religions of Love, with their Gods of Love, yet when anybody examines their body of teachings closely, one quickly finds out that they all are fraught with obsolete, ignorant and biased political mandates which are unethical, immoral, unfair, greedy and inhumane.

All these so-called big Religions are indeed small religions whose foundations are dubious and grossly based upon fabricated lies and many murders plus atrocities galore which defy humanity and the spirit of good will and of Wisdom and Freedom.

These religions have not any ethics nor morals enough to teach the people that Freedom is made out of the Mutual Respect for all Differences...

To let the people know that there is no God nor Goddess to blame for their shortcomings because we all must own what we are and what we do, there is no Devil, there is no hell...

And a life of denial of the pleasures of the flesh is rather stupid, ignorant and the path of cowards whom are not worth the body which they were born with.

The Supreme Being made both male and female, ergo the Supreme Being is a Transgender Supreme Being whose nature encompasses both genders and all levels of expression in-between and between them per se as equally all sexual preferences and all their diversity of expressions at all levels.

This thing of a small village tiny god turned into Big God at the expense of the extermination of 8 tribes of people, the erasing of the Goddess and the embracing the dualism of Zoroaster inventing the personification of good and bad at a deity level along with the copycat approach of lies plus plenty of atrocities for the sake of this so-called God is preposterously rubbish,  utterly stupid and ignorant.

But go figure it out, the socio-conditioning is so powerful and the people will behave as the controlled herd that they have been bred to be and they will act as murders for some ancient joes' ideas of what god wants and what their beliefs and lives should be.

It is sickly ignorant! Not even Academia can save some of these religious zealots fabricated by this nasty and cruel monster-machine.

Wrathful and vengeful God or Gods are inventions of ignorant pigs, wanna-be rulers of the world from the ancient times and from the present.

I despise the hate-preaching mythologies and their filthy, biased and rubbish religions!

I acknowledge that there are good and bad in all Religions, in all systems of beliefs, yet a few of them whose biased contents are favoured by ill-meant Leaders, are the ones who cause most of the damage to all of us everywhere.
People (Women, Children, minors and men) were told/conditioned/programmed to torture, kill and murder for God in the Dark Ages (1500's) by Christianism...And they did.

No, there is no excuse for that.

Must we continue to sponsor these barbaric religions and their biased, unfair, unethical, immoral and inhumane mandates?

I hope not!

I bar and abhor these Religions of love who manipulates people to hate all differences and to harm, to censor and to destroy one another.

I despise any religions which sponsor biases, hatred for all differences...

With their obsolete, ignorant, unethical, immoral political mandates, they are a waste of time and of life.

That it is my opinion!!!

 I despise Biased Religions and how they create Monsters out of people by inserting the unfounded/ignorant hatred for/of all differences in their beliefs and in their lives and ultimately causing them to act as cruel killers to/of other human beings who happen to be different, to other human beings who happen to own themselves, what they are and what they do.

It is a shame... Religion can be a hatred machine and a war-making tool.

Factual and Proven Information, Culture and Education can always help us To Think.

Maybe that it is why Academia, The Sciences, they all have always been raped, butchered and restricted by Religions and Governments...

No Religion nor any Government will ever wish any of their people to exercise the faculty of Thinking to its fullest extent because they do not want any people to question them and their agendas.

The murder of Gwen did not have to happen if people were "Not" taught to hate and to disrespect "Difference" from cradle to grave!!!

She was beautiful and she will always be.

Blessed be,

JD Aeon - Sky Of Quakertown - Sky2003



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Friday, May 12th, 2006
4:09 pm
Simple And Complex At Once
Simple and complex at once.

 It it is beautiful sunny Saturday...

After a visit to New Hope, PA and some fun strolling through town and shopping...

I am back home.

I had been thinking about how we all get to be a face in the crowd somewhere, sometime.

There are millions of people on earth trying to succeed at something at any given moment...

It is the fellow who goes out to meet girls and hopefully the mutually rightful one for him...

It is the shops attempting to sell their goods successfully and make a good profit consistently to make a living and stay in business.

It is the girl who is looking for a job and amidst applying for so many jobs every week she hopes to find the mutually rightful job for herself, one that will work out for her, fulfil her needs and last for as long as she may need it to.

It is the lady who is travelling to another town to see the one whom thinks may be the one for her, the man that will become her best friend, loyal best half...

It is the player who puts his money into his/her bets/the lottery/whatever,  hoping to win the jack-pot and become rich or simply make some good winnings that will place him/her ahead financially.

It is the hope that everything will be ok because of whatever it is that we are trying/doing.

I myself would love to solve all my present problems and fulfil all my needs! We all do.

The trick is that we must be positive, we must keep on trying whatever it is that we believe to be the answer, we must keep above all things our proverbial doors open to all possibilities, the ones that we thought of and the ones that we couldn't even have imagined before, because anything is possible sometimes.

There is a time and place for everything that happens.

There is a mutual person for each one of us in this world, there is plenty of wealth available for those whom persevere beyond the safe and tried and within the embrace of the new and unknown.

The key is to remain open to all possibilities that can actually prove themselves au natural and in the real world "To Be Good, yielding successful outcomes, giving birth to good natured results...

So that in the end of that day one may feel Dignified to/with oneself and with/to all parties concerned.

We all wish for something, we all want something for as long as we live.

By the end of this you the reader realizes that Time is always required, the passage of time, the proper time must arrive sooner or later but it always does for those whom open themselves to the All yet with wisdom and dignity.

Losing and winning are counterparts of each other and one would not be without the other.

Life can be simple if we stop to look around and see the All, see all possibilities that we can think of; be humble enough to realize that there are possibilities that we do not know of... We must see all the potentiality that we can imagine within each new hour, each new day, each new year.

Sometimes a simple beginning can turn out to be giant step like none before ever dared.

When we are doing what we are here to do, doors open all over town for us.

When we are where we are supposed to be, life is easier than anywhere else...

When we are with whom we are supposed to be with, we find mutual satisfaction like no other on earth.

In order to get to that point, there are many stages of cleaning house, cleaning oneself from unnecessary clutter and golden rubbish picked along the way.

Sometimes in the journey to live that what we were born to live... - We may lose dear ones, we may lose many jobs, we lose our homes, we lose most of all of our friends, we lose our own selves...

 In order to find our selves in full, without the adornment of beautiful deceptions, without the socio-religio excuses of the great myths, without the malice of any lies.

Not that all of that is always the case, however if we are going to attempt to live each day, each hour as best as we possibly can, we will have to surrender our wishes to something larger than Life Herself.

We will still ask for what we wish for but in more generical way so as to allow the Universe and Mother Nature's Circumstances to prove us right or to prove us wrong in our dispositions.

Be careful of what you wish for because you may actually get it!

We must be resilient because none of us are perfect nor complete.

We all are still learning as we teach to others by being ourselves and true to our own selves!

There is simplicity within complexity and complexity within simplicity.

There will always be the unknown and the new ahead of us.

Blessed be,

JD Aeon a.k.a. Skyofquakertown/JDAeon 

p.s. I remain undaunted.

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4:03 pm
Pas de Calais - PHOBIA

Pas de Calais.  (Revised)
What it is real, is... (No past nor future tenses ever apply here.)
The rest never was.
Take me as I am or leave me for ever and live and let live!
We all must grow and educate others as much as possible that "Same Sex Preferences are Beautiful and Dignified".
We must remind others that real and true Freedom is made out of the Mutual Respect For All Differences.
Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transexual, Transgender/Tg/Ts/Cd and Intersexed are all beautiful and dignified.
We must not sponsor separatism amongst our own kind... "-Gay is as beautiful and as much a gift to be owned equally as Hetero".
It is sad sometimes to find Lesbian, Bi, Transgender/Tg/Ts/Cd and Intersexed claiming that they are not Gay...
Same sex preferences are as beautiful and as dignified as any other and we must stop homophobia amongst our own kind.
There is not a single religion who was not men/women-made!
There are not any powers-that-be/Governments who are not men/women-made.
We the humankind, we all are imperfect and incomplete by nature
and we all are made out of changes equally as everything and all Life are.
To allow self-serving, obsolete, biased, ignorant codes of behaviour/conduct and codes of values to dictate our lives without questioning their dignity is inhumane, unethical, immoral and simply wrong.
We all have the birthright to live and to be happy and dignified as Mother Nature made us, with all the changes and all our natural wishes and preferences.
Nobody owns the absolute truth and/or that what it is right but Changes!
Even Time bows down to Changes.
Religion and Government have not any business raping the privacy of your home, or dictating your sexual preferences upon your own bed...
Religion and Governments have no business intruding upon your free-will, free birthright and choice to have babies or not to have babies.
Religion and Governments have no business taking away from anybody who is terminally sick their right to die at their own chosen terms and time.
Mainstream Religions have become sick dictators for the ignorant people who surrender their common sense, their wisdom, their peace, their freedom to them only to become expendable slaves and pathetic puppets of these nasty, greedy, ignorantly harmful predators.
Meaning never ever lies whether in the past, now and here or in the future.
We must see religion for what it is and without allowing it to enslave our freedom to choose and to be whom we are.
We must see Government for what it is, it must be for the people and by the people and such it is not, then let's slowly repair and make it right for all people, equal rights for all, equality!
Let's own all of what we were, all of what are and all of what we will be!
Let's not forget our humble beginnings and those whom have supported, sponsored us, our progress and our changes.
Let's create our own healthy and benign codes of conduct and codes of values.
Let's try to leave all biases, all warring and hatred for all differences out of our lives, out of our ways!
Let's fight against oppression over our birthrights/civil rights but let's fight from a position of strength and wisdom, united as one family!
There is no need for ignorance, nor for the hatred and nor for the shame for all differences.
GLBTI/Tg/Ts/Cd is my family too.
Blessed be,
By JD Aeon a.k.a. SkyOfQuakertown
Blessed be,
JD Aeon a.k.a. The Sky Of Quakertown Skyofquakertown/JDAeon
p.s. PEACE!

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3:55 pm
JD Aeon - 2ndMarch06


" The Learning to fly"  (Revised)


I know that there are wishes which may never come true...

I know that for all of us there are people who will never love us as we wish to be loved...

I know that the past is gone but it still shines from a distance and sometimes encircles my heart.

I know what it is lost is lost and what it is done is done but sometimes we all wish for another go at it...

Some people can be so mean,  some people can be so difficult.

Why is it so hard for some people to believe in love?

It has always been  so easy to me...

Maybe because I am my own self and I have always loved in the course of my life...

I started out so easy... After so many miles all alone I could cry for you...

What am I waiting for?  What am I doing here?

It has been a long, long trip, sometimes the roads wear me out...

I wish I could find myself in another's heart...

I wish I could see myself in another's eyes...

Endings are hardest thing.

Bound to you in dreams,

So easy to smile.

Please, take me as I am, will you?

I have opened up all my doors and all my windows,

There is nothing left to curiosity.

Freed from all the fears, freed from all the hesitations,

Alone of all  my hopes.

I could scream for you,

You - A real and true somebody out there in the world,

Just a bit of meaning please!

But today I know there is nobody for me.

Right now I do know there is nobody!

I wish my wishes for todays yet to come and a now and here yet to arrive to me.

I write to nobody, I write to everybody.

My words search for a mutual heart,

One which I've never been granted to find...

Maybe We All are learning to fly.


BY JD AEON (c) 2006

Quakertown, PA, USA


P.S. Logic ?

Logic is always welcome but only if winged by/with wisdom.

Too many dreams and wishes would perish...

Too many discoveries and great inventions would have never ever been at all if all that we had to think with was blind and ignorant logic.

Larger-than-life events, people and things, they all have one thing in common, they all defy logic.

Mediocrity always thrives best within the benighted boundaries of empirically self-serving logic.

Logic exists to serve us and not to be served by us.

Logic has become one of the proverbial coward's most used excuse to refrain from taking meaningful chances in life.

Logic is always best served with Wisdom.

Common sense is always welcome but it can never replace wise bravery and justified daring.

By JD Aeon

 p.s. I've no sympathy to ignorance, fears and biases. by JD


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3:41 pm
Dramatis Personae

To draw inferences...

The niceties of pleasantries are shallow without mutual caring, trust and honesty.

Elites in power, they always have many plans but no action...Too many committees but no commitment...They are mostly lost in the plastic emergence of their own pour-parlers.

A monstrous satire to satiate the seamy side of all circumstances...

Jokes sally forth as smiles and tears mix in dance of good and bad times.

No, I am not a desperate Sassenach nor am I a scurrilous Scion, I am Time and Changes like you all are.

Such a daft mystique,  astonishing turnaround in all of us and all around us.

Puerile ethnocentrism and mnemonic spears left behind in the battle fields of our towns and favourite places.

Brasilia, Britannia and America, ah Triple One Goddess how your children need your blessing!

Oh Goddess Liberty, protect your Children and this beautiful Land...

Pennsylvania, California, Florida oh Triple Goddess of my Changes and times.

I despise misogyny!

GLBTI/Tg/Ts/Cd and Hetero? It is all beautiful and dignified! Live your heart and celebrate your truth,  share your blessing!

Don't look so sullen, tomorrow is always another day... Try again!

I despise orthodoxy!

I do inveigh against biases, prejudices and the ignorance which bear them to life.

So many sententious minds yet so sequestered and severed from what and whom are real and true.

I do not fester into neophobia predicaments because I am wide-open to all, as long as the "All" is provenly dignified.

Fear only knows how to hurt.

Yet, it is wise to know our rightful place in the scheme of each and every moment and accordingly to play our roles, live our pre-natal scripts as chosen by our souls.

I remain here, I remain free and surrounded by my solecisms.

In due course, I assure you the meaning will grow wider and wider and all over.

Look at the news, it is always shady leaders hiding behind their own sorry parodies.

Mayham in the wild scramble for power, we cannot count upon the press these days because over here as in many other places, She has been taken hostage by private interests.

Let me out of the rat-race, will you?

Voices scream silently.

Ah for my wishes, ah for my dreams,  ah for my desires!

If only I could show you...

The real and true Freedom that only natural circumstances can grant.


By JD Aeon  a.k.a. SkyOfQuakertown 

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3:21 pm
The Meaning Of Life

"The Meaning Of Life"  (Revised)

By JD Aeon a.k.a. Skyofquakertown

Some people go through life so filled with so much hidden rage...

These are the same people who fall prey to the games of others and thereby allowing other people to steal their personal peace.

Some people go through life as bitter as they can be by allowing their past mistakes to rob them off their chances and birthright  to try again as many times as it takes.

Some people resign to sadness, some resign to loneliness, some resign to a plastic, comestic, good-for-show Life without any meaning.

Some people resign to alcohol, some resign to other chemicals...

Some people take their child/children and turn them into the very centre of their own life just to find out that children grow and leave parents someday to pursue their own lives.

Some sell out to over-work or over-study in order not to have to pay attention to the very shape of their hearts and their lives...

Some people are fraught with fears and fears all of their lives... They never brave their own truths but instead play the truth of others.

Some people surrender their right to choose on to other people's idea of what their choices should be.

Some people think that they are better than anybody else...People of that sort always give away by prancing about in a such dreadful way, that the fact is they truly feel inferior about themselves, their bodies, their lives and they spend most of their whole lives attempting to make up for such by picking on other people and sickly asserting to themselves and to others that they are better than..., LOL

So much rubbish to sift through before getting to the meaning...

...Ergo the very meaning of Life varies from lifetime to lifetime, from person to person, from culture to culture, from geographical location to location and from ancient times to our modern times...

It changes everytime that we attempt to box it into the prison of a limiting and finite definition.
How to explain the larger than life and infinite soul of each human being and animal with smaller than life words and with limiting and finite labels...

The meaning of Life to me is whatever it is meaningful, natural and right to me and such does change from person to person.
The meaning of Life to each individual humane being to me is for that human being to live his/her own  soul's chosen pre-natal script ( the pool of chosen experience, interactions, sharings and alternatives brought to this world for the course of a lifetime in the flesh... )

The meaning of Life resides mostly in "to be" rather than "to seem" and most of all to own one's own heart by being honest to oneself, by learning, knowing and mastering oneself and of course owning oneself and all that one did, does and will do.

Life is simple but people make it hard...

Blessed be,

JD Aeon a.k.a. the Sky of Quakertown

p.s. Extract from JD Aeon's (c) Copyrighted Works 1982-2004, USA/UK, FR, BR.


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